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No one wants to jump into a decision as important as hiring a business or estate planning attorney blindly. There is far too much at stake to rely on an individual for so much without having an idea of who they are and how they operate. We always encourage our potential clients to reach out to us and set up a free consultation to get to know us a little better, but we are also honored to provide you with testimonials from those we have helped in the past. We hope their reviews and experiences will help you make an informed decision and feel confident that you will receive only the highest quality, personalized service when you work with us. Read the testimonials below and please do not hesitate to reach out to our firm at any time.

I am very satisfied with the quick and thorough services provided.


Karla helped us turn our business into an LLC business. She was very nice, helpful and friendly. (She also did our Will and Power of Attorney for us.) She made some very good suggestions that we would never have thought of for our type of business. She was good at listening to what we wanted, but also to nicely point out some stuff that might not benefit us. In the end, it was our decision, but I liked the fact that she told us what she thought but did what we wanted. I ended up having to do some other stuff myself that was not included in what she was going to do and I didn’t know what I was doing. The phone calls, filling out forms, etc. was very overwhelming for me. I didn’t know what I was doing and the people on the other end of the phone calls were not very nice and supporting to me. I had to call and email Karla quite a few times because I needed help, and even though this was not part of what I paid her to do, she couldn’t have been more helpful, sweet and understanding. I even called her up crying and in a panic one time, and she was fantastic with me. She helped me get through 3 weeks of turmoil for me. She was very supportive and kept telling me to let her know if I needed anything else and she would help me with it. She was there for me every step of this ordeal and made sure I was doing things right so our business did not get into trouble because I didn’t want to call a certain person or fill out the right paperwork. She kept telling me to hang in there, it would be over with soon and she was right! I couldn’t have done it without her. She was so helpful and nice and friendly. She wanted me to keep her posted on everything I was going through even though it wasn’t really part of what she got paid to do. I would recommend her to anyone. She is very knowledgeable with the business stuff and she also was fun to have do our Will and Power of Attorney. She even came over to our house to make it easier for us when we had to sign all the documents. She talked to my bookkeepers to make sure we were all on the same page about turning our business into an LLC. I wish we would of done this when we were younger, not when we are a few years away from retiring, but then I would of never had Karla as my lawyer. She made the wait worth it!


Karla is a delight to work with. She’s very easy going and easy to work with. I feel I can trust her to protect my interests and steer me in the right direction.


Karla is an attorney that works with each client to make sure that the law does, indeed, work for them! Karla just wrote a contract for my business. The contract goes into more detail than I anticipated and leaves almost no questions as to who is responsible for what. Thank you, Karla!


Karla Rood has been very helpful in helping us start our new business. She got everything in order for us and always kept us in the loop at to what was happening.

I would highly recommend her!!


Starting a new business is no small feat. Working with Karla has been great. She created the documents we needed specific to our line of business, answered all of our questions making the process much simpler and less stressful for us.

Karla has also handled our wills and estate planning. Karla is the person I know will be there each and every step along our journey in life to keep our business going and our family protected for the perceivable future.


Phil and Vanessa S.

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